NEW ALBUM/MIXTAPE RELEASE: Hand Clapper Breaks Vol. 1

6 Jan

Here’s my efforts of the past few months.  Many of these tracks are available as singles in my music section. Designed for the soulful side of any cat or b-boy/b-girl. ENJOY



01 ALMiGHTY I.Z. – Kova Bounce

02 Dry Bread – Words to My Song (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)

03 The Gods – Hey Bulldog (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)

04 ALMiGHTY I.Z. – Galactic Warfare

05 ALMiGHTY I.Z. – Dreams

06 US Port Authority Soul Band – You Can’t Get Down If You Can’t Get Up (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)

07 Apache – Liberte (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)

08 The Virtues – Guitar on the Wild Side (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)

09 Birtha – Judgement Day (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)

10 Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers – Got Myself a Good Man DRUM BREAK (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)

11 Grupo ABC – Przeminelo z Wiatrem Tyle Dni (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)

12 Joe Corney Multi-Organ Sound – Moon Over Beatland (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)

13 The Winstons – Amen Brother (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)

14 Abra K Dabra – JuJu (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy REMIX)

15 Bobby Valentin – Use it Before You Lose It (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy REMIX)

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