Hip-Hop Heads Are Too Obsessed With Being Old School

29 Jul

Why in hip-hop is old somehow considered better?  Funny thing is, hip-hop heads think this idea to be unique upon the culture and wear it like a fucking badge demanding respect.  Respect the skill set upon the timing and setting, not just the years clocked or the encyclopedic knowledge of mid-90s hip-hop and breaks.  This idea of ‘old school’ resembles the trappings of many other cultures and musics. Think about that dude with a mullet rocking his favorite high school band which happens to be White Snake.  What I’m trying to say is, i barely respect the idea of ‘old school’ because the only reason i love(d) hip-hop  and even identify(ied) in anyway with hip-hop culture is its courage to be something different and bold.  I hope to hell being identified as hip-hop doesn’t leave me where the term ‘old metal head’ or ‘hair rocker’ left its peeps.  Go be something more than fucking ‘old’ and quit high-fiving each other for being it.  #TheRealProblemWithHipHop  

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